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Unconferences are unusual. There is no formal agenda, speeches or PowerPoint presentations. Instead everyone who is invited is expected to get involved and present on any topic of their choosing. You go to an unconference not as a delegate but as a participant. Collaboration is valued over hierarchy, discussions over statements. Known as an ‘un-conference’, crowd-sourcing determines the content of each event, which begins with an empty whiteboard to be filled by attendees with ideas for discussions. Everyone is expected to participate and contribute. Unconference’s were first inspired by Tim O’Reilly’s famous Foo Camp and later popularized by Yossi Vardi and Kinnernet. Foo Camp, an annual event hosted by Described as “the wiki of conferences” the attendees design and alter the program via big whiteboard schedules that allow for overwriting and rewriting. Unconferences are intended to reach out to people who can enhance the one another’s intelligence as well as open the door for opportunities and cross-fertilization between people, disciplines, etc. It’ll be intense, you’ll find yourself participating in endless fascinating sessions and accidental conversations – and of course hopefully leading at least one.
Funconference will be casual, with any attire acceptable from hiking clothes to jeans to wacky outfits. Some activities are outdoor, including workshops and weather permitting meals so ensure you have warm clothing and a waterproof coat. Attendees will be encouraged to participate in active sessions, so sports trainers and athletic gear is also recommended. Themed sessions and fancy dress details will be shared in advance of the event.
Over the course of three days, Funconference will have over 40+ discussions, workshop and activities and all of them will be suggested by you! Each discussion lasts one hour. To suggest a discussion doesn’t mean you have to have the answer, you just need to lead the conversation. You can just send us your own idea. Discussions are the heart and soul of unconferences, but there are also cooking, Ignite talks, sport, health or meditation, games, music and artistic performances. Come prepared! You can read more and sign up for the activities in advance or choose to attend whatever you feel like in the moment.

Upon arrival you should write down your idea on the discussion program white-board – which you won’t be able to miss at registration. Typically discussion are held in groups of 10-20 and leaders present opening remarks and even a 10-30’ initial slide presentation. You can wait until you arrive to get your spot or write us in advance.

These are 7 min. 14-slide “Plennary” PowerPoints presentations to our full group – again on anything that moves you and you’d like to share. First come-first serve. 12 slots.

Do you have a special, magical gadget, drone, cool invention or kick ass VR headset! Well don’t tell us about it, bring it along and let us all have a play.

Any special insights, routines into fitness, yoga, meditation? Do you feel like sharing? Let us know and we’ll make space for it!!

The Extravaganza is the final activity of Funconference (aka a MEGA party…). To celebrate our location and British heritage, look out for details on this year’s dress code and theme.

If you are musical, please bring an instrument. If you are a super-star DJ than take control and make sure the music is rocking all night.

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